• Printable stickers
    • Can I use my home printer for printing the stickers?

      Yes, you can. A common debate when it comes to printers is whether to print with ink or toner. Inkjet printers use cartridges with liquid ink and offer better quality prints. In contrast laser printers use toner, a dry powder, that lasts longer and delivers a cheaper cost per page. Making stickers at home is possible with both inkjet and laser printers. Generally speaking, the best printers for stickers are inkjet models. This is because they offer higher print resolution and image quality. It’s also very important to check you have the correct paper to match your printer type. Read here, how you can print and cut the printable stickers with Silhouette cutting machine.

      Epson Surecolor P600 offers best quality images you can get from an inkjet printer. But it isn’t cheap, so I use Canon Pixma TR 8550, it’s good enough and I can’t complain about the quality of the printed stickers. But the ink catridges are expensive, that’s why I plan to change my printer in the future to a printer with ink tanks.

    • How to cut the stickers?

      Once you’ve printed your stickers and the ink is dry, they are ready for cutting. As long as you have a steady hand and the shape isn’t too complicated, there shouldn’t be a problem using a good old pair of scissors. However, many people like to print then cut stickers using a cutting machine, especially when making high volumes. Read here, how you can print and cut the printable stickers with Silhouette cutting machine.

    • In which file format do your stickers come?

      All of my stickers come in 2 file format.

      PDF: If it’s not already installed on your computer you will need Adobe reader or Foxit PDF reader to open PDF files. The both are free.

      PNG with transparent background: this file format is compatible for use with the most cutting machines, so you can not only print the stickers but also easy cut them.

    • What is the difference between paper stickers and vinyl stickers?

      Sticker paper is cheaper, permanent (will tear if removed and leave an adhesive residue), and less weatherproof. Printable vinyl is more expensive, can generally be peeled and reused, and is more resistant to weather (water and sunlight), so better suited to outdoor use.

    • What sticker paper should I use?

      You can buy full sheet label paper from Amazon, Ebay and other stores. Matte sticker paper is easier to write on that glossy. Most paper is compatible with both inkjet and laser printers but be sure to check before purchasing. I usually use TownStix matte sticker paper or Pripa matte sticker paper.

    • Why printable stickers?

      I live in Germany, and most of my customers live outside of my country. Shipping is expensive and takes a long time. Selling printable stickers I can offer them cheaper than printed stickers. Once you purchase the printable stickers you can print them as many time as you like for your personal use.

  • Shipping and Returns
    • What is your shipping and refund policy?

      Please note that all products in our store are e-goods – downloadable only. No physical product will be shipped. Due to the nature of e-goods, refunds will not be given on e-good digital downloads.

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